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Active Energy Systems is leveraging its scientific expertise to create and commercialize a new form of energy storage, ElectroThermal Energy Storage (ETES), that is clean, economical, safe and durable, enabling lower costs for a cleaner future.


ETES systems consume electricity when it is abundant and produce electricity when it is scarce, but the energy is stored thermally. Active Energy Systems' particular flavor of ETES consumes electricity to operate a chiller to freeze water, thus charging the system. To discharge and generate electricity, we use waste heat to drive a turbine. Turbine systems require cooling, for example a cooling tower in a nuclear power plant. We use ice instead. Storing electric energy in this way is very efficient and cost effective.


We provide a viable form of energy storage to our customers, commercial and industrial producers of low-grade waste heat, by:

  • harnessing the abundant amounts of waste heat that they generate daily
  • allowing them to produce electricity using their waste heat for a major portion of the day, instead of consuming electricity to dispose of it.

The Team

          Dr. Mitchell Ishmael                  Co-founder

          Dr. Mitchell Ishmael


             Dr. Levon Atoyan                   Co-founder

            Dr. Levon Atoyan


              Ivan Beentjes                  Co-founder

              Ivan Beentjes


                   Grady Iliff                    ARE Fellow

                  Grady Iliff

                 ARE Fellow

In the News

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